What? How? Why?


Welcome to AP Lit Reading Week!

You may have seen us on day one of the AP Lit reading in our shirts and wondered who we are. The best way to explain is using a method of how we instruct our students to write essays. Answer the what, the how, and the why. 

What is APLitHelp?

ApLitHelp is more than a website; we are a community of educators committed to giving our students a valuable experience in AP Literature by providing the best practices, diverse literature, and a positive classroom culture. We share ideas, resources, and inspiration on a regular basis. This site is full of posts of lessons by real teachers in real classrooms. While some of the posts are specific to the AP exam in particular, most of the lessons are ones that can be used in any ELA classroom because best practices and good ideas work at any level. If you have a lesson or idea you would like to share with the community, contact Susan Barber on Twitter or at susangbarber@gmail.com.

How does this work?

APLitHelp will provide a weekly post each Sunday that will directly benefit AP Lit students. In addition, our group participates in a weekly Twitter Chat on Sundays at 9 EST using the hashtag #aplitchat. Each Twitter chat has a central focus allowing like-minded teachers to brainstorm, problem solve, and share ideas. Unsure how a Twitter chat works? Check out this article or ask any one of our contributors to help you get connected. We also have a Facebook page to continue the conversation throughout the week.

Why is this important?

Students are at the core of why we do what we do. This is not a for profit site but rather one where teachers generously share ideas and inspiration. Collaboration makes for better teaching thus giving students a richer classroom experience. Students deserve our best, and this community can help you be your best in the classroom.