Using Student Data for Self-Evaluation

One of my favorite aspects of teaching AP Literature is helping students become independent learners and learn how to make adjustments in studying based on personal progress. Since AP Literature has so many moving parts, the nature of the class calls for individualized reflection and goal setting. One student may naturally be gifted in writing analysis essays while another is a cautious close reader. Some students find their sweet spot to be modern poetry while others are more comfortable in Romantic prose. Helping students note areas of strengths and weaknesses enables them to identify patterns and make adjustments but also teaches them valuable study skills for college.

Here are a few resources to help students evaluate their progress:

Multiple Choice Data  – Designed to help students prepare for the AP exam, this data sheet from Lisa Boyd at Luella High School in Georgia helps students track multiple choice results  in order to determine areas of weakness and improve strategies for close reading. Students can use results to choose texts for independent reading and study or form teaching relationships with other students based on strengths and weaknesses.

These writing templates allow students to analyze their writing and set goals for future writing.

Writing Data – Template 1

Writing Data – Template 2

Self-Assessment and Student Writing previously posted on AP Lit Help by Todd Finley also offers valuable information on helping students self-reflect on their writing.

While initially designed and still used to help students prepare for the AP exam, these tools have become so much more. Students often sit in classes never taking time to evaluate their own writing and reading. Giving students an opportunity to do so offers them a chance to take ownership of their skills and chart goals and growth.