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Sweet summer time which means rest, sun, and family time, but as teachers, we are always thinking about next year. In addition to the Listserve through College Board’s Teacher Community page, here are a few resources for AP Lit teachers. If you are not on the Listserve, you should definitely join. As always, the resources featured here are not only relevant for AP Lit but for most English classes. Best practices are best practices regardless of the level. 

Sandra Effinger’s “Miss Effie’s Lifesavers” has helped countless teachers navigate through AP Lit classes, and her lists of AP questions from the free response section of the exam are an invaluable tool for all AP teachers. Miss Effie’s site offers question stems, rubrics, AP free response questions and links to College Board resources.  As of September 1st, Ms. Effie’s site will look a little different as she will no longer be a consultant for CB after years of service. Her AP assignments can be found under the Assignments section of her site. She will no longer be updating prompts, but those will continue to be updated yearly and can be located in the Resource section of APLitHelp. 

Jim Burke created the English Companion Ning as an online teaching community for English teachers to meet online to share ideas and collaborate. The questions range from a variety of topics and members are able to interact with one another after posing questions related to a topic. Specifically, the group AP Lit and Language is a place for AP specific questions and conversations with other teaching professionals.

Jerry Brown’s site has a wealth of information for AP teachers. Many of the resources on his site are content and topic specific. There are numerous examples from various AP Summer Institutes and materials that have been shared at those workshops and trainings.

While the Talks with Teachers site is not exclusively devoted to AP Lit, several of Brian Sztabnik’s posts are beneficial to AP Lit such as the ones on tonecomplexity, and syntax.

I (Susan) have learned from so many AP Lit teachers, but Lisa Boyd from Luella High School in Locust Grove, GA has influenced me more than any other single teacher. She is solid! I was so excited to present at an AP workshop with her a couple of years ago. Her site is full of resources and ideas for inspiration!

Maggie Walls is an AP Lit teachers at McIntosh High School in Peachtree City, GA, and I (Susan) had the privilege of leading an AP workshop with her. Her wiki The Walls of English offers several resources; her portfolio assignment is especially great!

Finally, my personal website Teach with Class has a resource page for teachers with links to AP and ELA workshops I have done over the past couple of years. These presentations are mostly ideas from people in this community that I have incorporated into my teaching and classroom.

And just a reminder about the APLitHelp community on social media. Join the AP Literature and Composition Facebook Page and participate in our weekly Twitter chat starting back up the second Sunday in August at 9 PM EST using the hashtag #aplitchat.

What are your go-to AP Lit resources? Please let us know, and we will update this post with them.

AmyAmy Adams is an Iowa teacher with 18 years experience and 13 years experience teaching AP Literature. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa –GO PANTHERS! And a master’s degree is from Graceland University.  After college, she taught overseas for 5 years and then returned home to Iowa where she lives with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. When she’s not teaching or taking classes, she enjoys traveling, reading, running, and spending time with my family and friends.


cropped-img_25232Susan Barber is a high school English teacher and department chair at Northgate High School in Georgia. In addition to reading, writing, and investing in the next generation, she loves watching college football with her family especially when Alabama is playing. In addition to serving as editor and frequent contributor for APLitHelp, she writes a personal blog Teach with Class.


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  1. Kudos to all you mention, and a special shout out to Sandra, who’s helped me for many years – and, to Lisa Boyd, who I recently “met” via the internet. So incredible to have so many people devote time and effort to helping teachers.

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