Articles of the Week 1.24.18

Happy Wednesday! Here’s to a great week of instruction in the classroom.
Citations and Citing Your Work (Common Craft Video) from Richard Byrne is a good resource for students to understand what needs to be cited and what’s common knowledge. (The video is approximately 4 minutes).

Literature Circle 2.0: Technology Infused Book Clubs in the Digital Age offers specific strategies for using technology to encourage collaboration in literature circles as opposed to having students working alone on a device.

Moving from Feedback to Feedforward posted on Cult of Pedagogy keeps teachers asking the right questions: what is the most effective type of feedback for my students? how can feedback move students to growth? what type of feedback is most effective? when do I offer feedback? Lots of good food for thought here.

Paragraphs Give Us a Break from Teach Write provides strategies for helping students know when to begin new paragraphs.

Encouraging a Love of Reading in a Culture of Assessment – I guess this falls under my weekly article to remind us that yes while we teach students how to read and build skill, we must also do what we can to provide students the opportunity to read for enjoyment and foster a love for reading.

Poem of the Week: I’ll offer a few instead of one. Here’s a collection of winter poems with links to the poem. Enjoy and stay warm!