Articles of the Week – 1.17.18

One of my goals for the year was to make this site better by posting five articles to the site every Wednesday related to ELA instruction. Imagine my dismay last Friday when I realized I had failed to post on just the second Wednesday of the month; needless to say, I am still trying to settle into the rhythm of the new year.

What’s Going on in This Graph? from The Learning Network at the New York Times is a new monthly feature to help students read graphs and info pictures. I see this as having potential to pair with both fiction and nonfiction pieces.

Why Giving Feedback is Trickier than It Seems from MindShift has lots of food for thought for teachers and lots of classroom application. I like this article because it doesn’t say “this is the way to give feedback” but instead gives considerations.
9 Misconceptions about Student-Centered Writing Instruction (Heinemann) explains the myths associated with giving students choice in their writing.
Aiding Reading Comprehension with Post-its from Edutopia this week details a strategy of using sticky notes and writing prompts to improve reading comprehension.
3 Ways to Make the Writing Process More Authentic by Katie Martin is an easy read that helps teachers keep writing from being formulaic.
Poem of the Week: Winter Poem by Nikki Giovanni