AP Lit Framework

There are two types of grocery shoppers; those who shop by a list and those who wing it. I’m a hybrid of these two types making and taking my list but falling trap to the end cap displays and piling flavored coffee, nutritional breakfast bars, and Oreos into the shopping cart (or the buggy where I’m from). Classroom teaching is similar. I plan and give myself the stick-to-the-plan pep talk at the beginning of the year but end up throwing the latest technology, newest novel, or current professional development idea into the mix and by the time I’m checking out in May my cart is overflowing with all kinds of items that may or may not add nourishment to the learning soul of my students. I went into this year knowing I needed to have some type of plan to keep me focused but one that also allowed for flexibility and Oreo eating on occassion. 

I have adapted Dave Stuart Jr.’s  Framework for Literacy Instruction to fit my classroom and students and plan on using this all year to help me make curriculum and instructional decisions whether in planning or adding something at the last minute. EVERYTHING that happens in my class must go through this 3,2,1 grid in order for me to devote time to it. Here’s the breakdown:

3 Skills

Reading – purposefully and often (phrase borrowed from DSJ)

A variety of works written by a variety of authors covering a variety of themes.

Writing – purposefully and often

Writing instruction at the sentence, paragraph, and whole level covering the entire process from brainstorming through multiple revisions.

Speaking –  purposefully and often

Offering opportunities for students to organize, develop, and present thoughts to be presented in both formal and informal settings.

2 Filters –

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Deep Thinking

Instruction and assignments promote critical thinking on complex ideas.

Wide Application

Knowledge is not gained for the sake of having knowledge but is to be applied and used.

1 Test –

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Who you are is just as important as what you do.

I plan to flesh these ideas more thoroughly because I believe this is a framework I will adhere to for a long time. As for now, this picture will hang in my class as a reminder to my students of what we do and guide me in my planning and execution. I would encourage you to give thought to your framework or process of how you make decisions and share with others.